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Keys representing wills disputes in Wollongong

    Extensive Conveyancing Services and More in Wollongong

    Williamson Isabella Lawyers is highly skilled and qualified in a number of legal services. The team can assist with:


    Our solicitors are experienced in the process of estate and asset management. 

    • Probate – executor of a deceased estate
    • Administration of estate
    • Estates

    Leases and Tenancy Law

    Here at Williamson Isabella Lawyers, we can help with property issues including:

    • Commercial leasing
    • Residential leasing

    Family Law

    Family law can often become quite emotional. Let our solicitors handle all the stressful matters for your and help with:

    • Divorce
    • Property settlement
    • Binding financial agreements (including pre-nuptial agreements)
    • Residence and contact for children
    • Location and recovery orders
    • Defacto relationships
    • Maintenance

    Criminal Law

    The highly qualified solicitors at Williamson Isabella Lawyers have many years of experience dealing with criminal law and will act on behalf of individuals.

    • Police arrest
    • Bail applications
    • Drink driving cases
    • Traffic charges
    • Criminal charges
    • Apprehended violence cases
    • Trail representation in Local Court, District Court, Supreme Court
    • Under Arrest?

    Conveyancing and Business Law

    We handle all aspects of property and business law including:

    Employment and Wrongful Dismissal

    Dealing with employment issues can be a tricky matter. Luckily, our team are here to help both employees and employers with:

    • Employment advice
    • Employment contracts
    • Wrongful dismissal issues
    • Employment Law

    Court Representation and Litigation

    If you find yourself in legal trouble, or need to take legal action against another person, our solicitors can help. We are experts in:

    • Contract disputes
    • Commercial/business/property disputes
    • Debt recovery
    • Insurance disputes and claims
    • Building disputes
    • Suing for your rights
    • Defending your rights
    • Binding Financial Agreements

    Wills, Powers of Attorney and Powers of Guardianship

    If you are considering creating a will or granting Power of Attorney, it is useful to first seek the help of experienced professionals. Williamson Isabella Lawyers can help you with all matters relating to:

    • Wills – should I make a will?
    • Complex wills – testamentary trusts
    • Powers of Attorney
    • Contesting wills
    • Inheritance rights
    • Revocation of Powers of Attorney
    • Enduring Powers of Guardianship
    • Enduring Guardianship
    • Wills

    Call the team at Williamson Isabella Lawyers on 02 4261 3355  today for more information on
    the extensive range of legal services we offer.

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